Sunday Morning Bible Studies

We would love to invite you to join one of our Sunday Morning Bible Studies at 9:15 as a place to dive into God's Word alongside other believers. 

June 6 - August 15, 2021

Books of Jonah and Nahum

Steve Robinson & Ron Spellman

This is a study for those who would love to supplement their personal daily Bible Study with homework from their Sunday Morning Bible Study.  For those familiar with Bible Study Fellowship, Steve and Ron will be leading this study to follow a similar structure, and is is for people who really want an intensive Bible Study.


Ron Rogers & Doug Smith

This is a study for those who want to study a Book of the Bible expositionally, but they aren't looking for take-home material for homework.  This study will survey the Book of Deuteronomy.

Men's Study: The Measure of a Man

Mike Crawford & Judah LaBrie

This is a topical Bible Study for men to examine the Biblical attributes of a Godly man by studying I Timothy and Titus.  This is a study written by Gene Getz, and it is geared toward men who are seeking to grow together toward maturity in Christ.

Women's Study: Steadfast

Laura Case & Brenda Houseman

This is a Bible Study for women, and it will be a study through the Book of James.  The study was produced by the Gospel Coalition, and it is closely connected to the Women's Conference this summer.  This will be a great time to study and fellowship with other women in our church during the Bible Study hour.

    Missional Community gROUPS

    We have Missional Community Groups that meet around our city throughout the week. In these groups, we seek to live intentionally with one another and be on mission together. We would love to find a place for you to connect! 

    Wednesday bible study

    On Wednesday, June 9 we will begin the Experiencing God Bible Study by Henry Blackaby, meeting in Room 202 at 6 pm.  This will be taught by Brandon Fields, JT Dick, and JABC Elders. This class will take the place of Fresh Wind for the summer.